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The JMI network connects people and cultures worldwide, fostering exchange and collaboration around music projects for youth. JMI is always broadening its global membership and partnerships, offering members numerous opportunities to inspire, showcase and strengthen their work.


What do you get?

• Connect and collaborate with the largest youth-music network in the world.
• Create, adopt and develop international projects and programs.
• Project inspiration from network best practices in youth empowerment.
• Tour collaboration (artist sharing) with other members.
• Greater visibility online and stronger promotion via our website, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.
• JMI Head Office support (communications, advocacy, contacts...)
• Preferential rates on receiving the World Youth ChoirMusic Crossroads/JM Jazz artists.
• International conferences, relevant training sessions and informative network meetings.
• Discounts on member showcase artists.
• Discounts on World Meeting Centre rates.
• Discounts for selected competitions/ auditions.
• International promotion, training and education opportunities for your local artists.
• Intern, volunteer and job exchange possibilities with recruitment support.
• Structural support to enable your local expansion.
• Prestige, recognition and exclusivity to your organisation.

Membership Types

National Members are registered non profit national youth and music organisations that:
•     Adhere to the Statutes and the mission statement of JMI and have the same or highly similar objectives to JMI;
•     Promote music and culture as basic human rights;
•     Have a nation-wide structure;
•     Have activities on nation-wide level;
•     Organise activities predominantly with and for young people;
•     Serve the development needs of young musicians and young people in general through music;
•     Involve young people in their activities and structure on all levels of the organisation (local, regional and national);
•     Have a democratic internal decision-making structure;
•     Are independent and autonomous from any external sources;

Only one full member per country is accepted. Candidates who fulfil all the criteria and are coming from countries with existing full members, are only eligible for associate membership. 

Associate members are organisations working in the field of youth and music but not fulfilling one or more of the criteria for national membership. They can be:
•     National, provincial or local entities in any given country;
•     International and regional networks; 


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