Call for Music Crossroads Academy Malawi

Apply for a one year professional music certificate!

  • over 3 years ago

Music Crossroads Academy Malawi (MCA) is inviting young aspiring musicians to apply for a one year professional music certificate.

Successful students will be enrolled at the academy's 2017 academic year. Classes will begin on 9 January 2017.

The programme will equip students with knowledge to become professional musicians who are able take part in the competitive music industry.  The programme will allow students the opportunity to learn how to play a bass guitar, drums, lead guitars, vocals, keyboards, rhythm and body percussion, choir and traditional dance ensemble with experienced teachers. An emphasis is put on relevant, contemporary styles of music, thus African and African-descendant styles of music form the core of the curriculum. 

At the end of this course, MCA trainees will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge which will help them to continue their studies at a higher level, to pursue a solid and lasting musical career and become music teachers. 

In a statement, Manager of Music Crossroads Academy Malawi Vincet Maluwa said:

“All these courses carried out at our academy are equipped with musical instruments and state-of-the-art sound labs, using top-class midi keyboards and software like Ableton and Reason to allow our students to become real professionals.In this programme we encourage students to challenge themselves and to discover their own distinctive, musical voice.”

The academy will conduct screening through auditions. All passionate and talented young artists are encouraged to apply. According to the statement, one must be able to play an instrument (not compulsory). After the auditions, students are grouped in different groups namely beginners, ‎intermediate and advance. They will undergo a two months preparatory course after the auditions before starting the main curriculum.

Students will pay $US85 per term (three months).

Located outside Malawi’s capital, the academy is made up of highly accomplished faculty members, visiting musicians, guest teachers and educators.

For more information, you can call Music Crossroads Academy Manager on +265 999 916 799 or +265995 485 246. You can alternatively send an email to or visit their website here.