JM Romania

Founded: 2002 | Member: 2007

JM Romania (The Elite Art Club UNESCO) is the leading organization promoting and developing the arts in Romania. Its activities reflect the values and principles of the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO). JM Romania is focused on the promotion of the Romanian culture, promotion of young artists, international intercultural collaboration, educational projects, visual arts projects and art shows.

At the heart of all the works there is the strong belief that sharing cultural values is a key factor to create a strong, united and diverse Europe. In this respect, JM Romania supports artistic activities that promote true values of the Romanian art, culture and science, striving to outline Romania's cultural integration in the European culture.

JM Romania


Str. Constantin Noica, 134, sector 6

T: +40 21 315 65 11
F: +40 21 315 65 37
E: [email protected]