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JMI is a global network of NGOs that provides opportunities for young people and children to develop through music across all boundaries. Open to all styles of music, we work for and with youth, harnessing the power of music to bridge social, geographical and cultural divides, creating an international platform for intercultural dialogue and acceptance.

JMI was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1945 by a group of compassionate musicians and organisers who saw music as a means of bringing young people together to overcome the divides created by the two World Wars. Today JMI is present in over 45 countries worldwide and continues to enable young people to develop through music across all boundaries.


JMI is not only the largest network of youth and music NGOs in the world, it is also the most active with over 12 international programs and hundreds of member-2-member projects occurring annually. 

We believe in providing a platform for our members to come together, share their unique realities and experiences and, through the recognition of our diversity, build common ground.

Everything that you see today has been accomplished by our membership over the past 75+ years and we look forward to see your contribution to this rich history.

Make sure to attend the JMI Global Conference where you will get to meet our members and participate in the General Assembly.



A JMI National Member is an organisation that becomes the national representation of the JM movement. The organisation must act as a platform for youth and music across their country, with existing activities of a national scope. National Members are entitled to run any JMI program like: Ethno, Imagine, WYC, etc...

Only National Members may use the JM title and logo JM + Country Name. Only one National Member per country is allowed. Successful applicants will hold Candidate Member status for a period of 2 years before advancing to full membership.


JMI Associate Members are organisations  working in the field of youth and music but that do not fulfil the criteria for National  Membership or whom are applying from a  country where a National Member already  exists.

Associate Members are allowed to run JMI  projects and programs but are not allowed to  use the name JM + Country Name. Their  voting powers at the GA are more limited  but for the rest they enjoy the same rights as  National Members.


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Apply now to become a member and discover this world of opportunities!