Classics for Pleasure Conferences

Conferences to help the public gain knowledge about classical music and discover its beauty and grandeur.

  • over 3 years ago

Elite Art Club UNESCO (Jeunesses Musicales Romania) has decided to take advantage of the public interest generated by one of its main projects, the Classics for Pleasure Festival, and of the dynamic cultural context generated by Bucharest’s candidacy to the title of European Cultural Capital 2021 and provide all music lovers with an amazing opportunity for acquiring knowledge regarding classical music.

The organisation has always viewed independent cultural projects which are an expression of civil society, as being the driving forces behind the sustainable development of cities. As such, following a careful analysis of the national market, Elite Art Club UNESCO has discovered that one of the main challenges that prevents people from appreciating classical music is the lack of knowledge regarding the field; a misunderstanding of its scope and context.

Therefore, the organisation has launched a pilot project entitled Classics for Pleasure Conferences which aims at providing the participants with general notions regarding classical music. The Conferences are structured in an informal, interactive and fun away. All conferences will be hosted by Marius Constantinescu – a leading Romanian cultural personality who has developed an exceptional career in the field of classical music. Known for his intellectual writings and complex career, Marius will interview each time an important personality in the field of classical music.

The first edition of the Classics for Pleasure Conferences was held in September 2016. The international soprano Irina Iordachescu was the guest star and the public had the opportunity to interact with her and learn about classical music history. Irina, in addition to performing live also gave a lengthy interview regarding her career and classical music in general. She was accompanied by one of the most important Romanian pianists, Raluca Ouatu. The conference included a coffee break with delicious treats, during which the public could interact freely with the protagonists, and an autograph session with Irina.

The conferences are organised in an informal cultural environment – Elite Art Gallery. The gallery is located in the centre of Bucharest and is renowned for its involvement in multiple cultural projects.

Following the public request, Elite Art Club UNESCO is organising another session with Irina Iordachescu on December 8th, 2016. Given the festive season, the repertoire will include mostly Christmas carols and the entire gallery will be decorated as to celebrate the beauty and magic of the season.