Creative Training for Youth: Europe – Africa (CTYEA)

Music Crossroads held an amazing training campus in the warm heart of Africa!

  • over 2 years ago

Creative Training for Youth: Europe – Africa (CTYEA)

Between 2016 and 2017, the Creative Training for Youth: Europe – Africa (CTYEA) Project empowers young people by delivering musical and capacity building training to 160 participants through 2 Creative Training Campuses. The Project’s aim is to develop the required technical skills to improve abilities of young talented people, enabling them to find a place in the creative industry, generate income and improve their livelihood. 

The Campus consists in a month of intensive musical training including:

  • Music Pedagogy
  • Melodic Reading
  • Transcribing
  • Main Instrument and Ensemble classes.
  • Capacity Building Workshops:
  • Instrument Build and Repair
  • Audio Engineering
  • Cultural Management

The CTC closes with a showcase concert, the participants will perform in both the teacher’s bands from the 3 Academies and in other local bands. This is a chance for the audience to hear the participants’ skills. This cross-cultural event will show how important music education is, as well as promote preservation of culture and traditional music Identity in the region.

The first Creative Training Campus was hosted by the Music Crossroads Academy in Zimbabwe from November to December 2016. The second Creative Training Campus took place in October/November and organised by MCI with the help of the Music Crossroads Academy in Malawi in 2017.

The CTC 17 was successfully implemented from October 2nd until November 11th. 64 young talented people received personalised, hands-on training through technical workshops on Audio engineering, Instrument build & repair and cultural management and also training on pedagogical techniques through the teacher training campus, to be implemented at our Music Crossroads Academies. The CTC attracted the attention and was visited by the Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi and the EU Ambassador to Malawi.

The whole event was closed with a bang vie 2 showcase concerts delivered in Lilongwe on 10, 11th November with a summarised audience of over 4000 people. 

Testimonies of the direct beneficiaries are encouraging and some of them are already implementing the newly acquired skills in their work. We hope to follow on with more training next year.

For more information please check the information booklet of the Campus

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