Ethno 2016: A Summer of Folk

The New Spirit of World Music is Back!

  • over 4 years ago

Back in the summer of 1990, it all started with a joint project between Jeunesses Musicales Sweden and Falun Folk Music Festival to support the preservation of folk music amongst young people and to open this music to a greater audience. Ethno was Born. 26 years after, the Ethno spirit has flourished all over the world, becoming the world's most important program for young folk musicians.

Ethno is a global family and an active network of musicians. It is a big melting pot for young musicians from all over the world that come together to jam, learn new tunes face-to-face and share different experiences and cultures.

Dialogue, tolerance and understanding are essential values not only within the Ethno World, but also in the relationship with local communities: many of the Ethnos enjoy collaborations with festivals and concerts where participants showcase the results of their collective work and bring audiences a fantastic selection of music from all around the world.

Stay tuned folk lovers! Plans are heating up, the 2016 season of Ethno is about to start in just a couple of days with the first Ethno camp in India, and this year we have the pleasure to welcome on board a brand new camp in our family: 2016 will be the first year of Ethno Catalonia!

Here is the complete list of our 15 Ethno camps (with links to more information and registration):

9/20 November, New South Wales 

23/31 July, Tuzla  


9/17 July, Banyoles  


12/20 July, Groznjan  

29 July/7 August, Glamsbjerg


11/19 June, Oxford 


18/31 July, Kärstna

4/11 July, Nummela, Vihti


31 July/9 August, Ostend 


3/15 May, Massy  

11/20 August, Castle Lichtenberg  

4/14 March, Uttarakhand

7/14 August, Kjerringøy


22 July/1 August, Castelo de Vide  

30 June/8 July, Rättvik

So... What are you waiting for?! Pack your bags, grab your mandolin, mbira, txalaparta or jouhikko or whatever folk instrument and apply!

Don't miss the chance to live a summer of sun, colours and traditional music! Feel part of a global community of musical peers and let the Ethno spirit grow and thrive!

Here is the full calendar of Ethno 2016! Dear folk lovers, enjoy!

Ethno India: 4-14 March
Ethno France: 3-15 May
Ethno England: 11-19 June
Ethno Sweden: 30 June - 8 July
Ethno Finland: 4-10 July
Ethno Catalonia: 9-17 July
Ethno Croatia: 12-20 July
Ethno Estonia: 18-31 July
Ethno Portugal: 22 July - 1 August 
Ethno Bosnia and Herzegovina: 25-31 July
Ethno Flanders: 28 July - 9 August
Ethno Denmark: 29 July - 7 August 
Ethno Norway: 7-14 August
Ethno Germany: 11-20 August
Ethno Australia: 9-20 November