Ethno Catalonia 2017

Ethno Catalonia has entered strongly on the map of the 15 Ethno that are celebrated around the world.

  • over 3 years ago

Ethno has consolidated as a unique and singular project on the Catalan scene, and enriches the offer of summer festivals with a musical proposal that incorporates a series of associated values, like cooperation, tolerance and solidarity. Ethno is an authentic musical and sound celebration of diversity. In this edition 40 musicians from 19 different countries have participated. More than 100 requests have been received.

At Ethno 2017, the activity days and the total number of activities have increased. A genuine international folk festival has been organised around the artistic residence of young musicians, with daily activities open to the public. Within the framework of the festival, a concert outside of Banyoles, in Amer, was organised with the Jesa group of Zimbabwe.

This year the culmination of the residence has been a final Ethno Tour to three reference festivals: World Music Festival at the Recinte Modernista de l'Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, Paupaterres Festival in Tàrrega and Pirineos Sur in Huesca.

The project has doubled its budget. Atendance data make a spectacular leap. If last year 1,800 people were counted among the different concerts, this year the total number is more than 7,000 people, divided among the 4,650 at the activities of the festival in Banyoles, 200 at the performance of Jesa in Amer, and 2,200 at the three concerts of the Ethno Tour.

Ethno Catalonia, with only two editions, has become one of the reference centers among the 15 Ethno that are celebrated around the world. The participants in the Ethno 2017 were forty. 38 participants + 2 Art Leaders. 23 girls, 17 boys. Countries: Brazil (1), Australia (1), India (1), Jordan (1), Algeria (7), Sweden (6), Catalonia (4), Spain (1), Estonia (4 ), Cyprus (3), France (2), Norway (2), Egypt (1), Portugal (1), Denmark (1), Scotland (1), Ireland (1), Tunisia (1), Germany (1).

From today, the 2018 edition which will take place between the 6th and th 16th July is already preparing and will incorporate several new features.