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MC launches a fundraising campaign to bring JESA to the Imagine festival’s final in Croatia

  • over 3 years ago

In April 2015, the Afro-fusion band JESA from the Music Crossroads Academy won the National Imagine Festival in Zimbabwe. As winners, they won the chance to participate and compete in the festival’s international final 2016, in Croatia.

This is a unique opportunity for them to pursue their dream by travelling to Croatia and perform at the Imagine International Final 2016, together with the winners of the Imagine National finals from Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, France, Sweden and Spain. 

In order to help them, we are currently looking for additional support to enable them to travel to Croatia, to share their traditional sound and to proudly wear the colours of their country and academy. To support this initiative, visit our fundraising page and donate with one simple click.

If you’re interested in supporting us in another way don’t hesitate to contact us and share your idea.

About JESA

JESA is a band from Chitugwisa, a town in the south of Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. Most of the group currently study music at the Music Crossroads Academy Zimbabwe, a school supported by a non-profitable organisation, which believes in the power of music to transform youngsters’ lives.

The group, composed of six members, share a rich background in different music genres. The bands’ diverse blend of African rhythms, melodies, harmonies and tunes are inspired by JESA’s heritage rooted in several ethnic tribes of southern Africa

Meet the members

Drummer Kudakwashe Kanyerere was born in Harare, later relocating to Chitungwiza at the age of 10. His musical journey was inspired by the church. Kudakwashe first started as an instrumentalist at Glad Tidings Ministries, before moving to Glory Ministries. He has played in church for 7 years and has now diverted his focus to the business side of music.

Tinotenda Zingapeta (Bass Guitar) first started playing the guitar at the age of 16. Now, at 19, he is a highly competent and entertaining bass guitar player. He first fell in love with music and the bass guitar during his school days, at Rimuka High 2 in Kadoma, Zimbabwe, and has been playing ever since. Tinotenda’s biggest desire is to become a world reknowned bass guitarist specialising in Chewa and Nyasa bass lines, amongst many other untapped African grooves.

At the young age of 12, when other kids of his age were still deciding what to do after graduating from primary level to secondary school, Exodus Bande (Keyboards) was already perfecting his self-taught skills in playing the Mbira. Exodus mastered the art of playing keyboards in the mining town of Zvishavane.

Alfred Phiri (Mbira and Vocals) is from the Murehwa rural area, best known for its fine Mbira players. Phiri first started playing the Mbira when he was 8 and in grade 3, first in Shamva then in Murehwa. He later relocated to Harare and attended Tafara High School, in the high-density suburb of Mabvuku.

Tafadzwa Ngwindema (Percussionist and Vocals) was already entertaining with his melodies on percussions by age 10. Coming from the small mining town of Bindura, and no musical training whatsoever, it was rare to see such a young boy playing an instrument so well. To date, Tafadzwa continues to perform with contagious enthusiam every chance he gets.

Leah Kasinamunda (Vocalist) grew up in Chitungwiza and first started singing in a church choir when she was only 3 years old. Highly captivating, her voice can instantly charm everyone in the room. Leah is the only female member of JESA.