Jazz improvisation techniques with the bassist Ildo Nandja

The workshop will be held at the Music Crossroads Academy Mozambique

  • over 3 years ago

Women’s Leadership in the Arts

Female leadership is gradually gaining ground in Mozambique, as we have seen many Mozambican women showing seriousness in their work.

Angelina Mbulo is one of the women taking action in the Art scene in Mozambique, teaching voice as her main instrument at the Music Crossroads Academy Mozambique. Since the age of nine, she showed an interest in music, following her parent’s steps that are also great singers, and enrolled in a music school at Berklee, USA in 2009.

Mbulo says that she has always been determined to making her own choices and by the age of 20 she started reading self-help books, which eventually contributed to strengthening her personality.  She knows very well that people tend to follow what society thinks is right and if you happen to choose a path by your own and not the one which society expects you to, it is possible that confrontation will take place and Mbulo was always ready to face these oppositions.

Angelina thinks that one of the biggest challenges as a singer is the perception of the profession itself since scenic arts are not as compensated as it would be, being a doctor or an engineer. Keeping in mind that the commitment to both professions is the same, but the reward is not.

Angelina is currently the only female teacher at the Music Crossroads Academy in Mozambique. According to her, a musician should try to learn at least two things, since being able to play an instrument as a singer, is a great addition to the performer’s abilities. This is the reason why she also learned to play the piano.

Angelina added:

“If you are a woman and you lack knowledge, you will feel insecure. This is why I did all I could to gain the knowledge I need to do my work. When I collaborate with others, I can then be seen not as a woman but as equal.