JM Austria Music Camps Summer 2016

Lots of music, fun and new friends from all over the world

  • over 2 years ago

The Jeunesses Musicales Austria MusikCamps mean many things to the children and teenager who participate: a lot of music, an exciting holiday week, rehearsing with young people from all over the world, as well as the first experiences in a youth orchestra!

And, above all, lots of fun!

Every summer, JM Austria organises music camps for young people from 9 to 14 and from 13 to 20 years. In each camp over 100 music students from around the world come together for 10 days. During this time, they work together on a program that is going to be showcased in a public concert at the end of the camp. The rehearsals are conducted by experienced international tutors, all members of renowned universities and orchestras.
They will rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and again...rehearse. No worries though: in between there is enough time for fun and games with new and old friends. Moreover: Our camps were founded in 1986. Generations of campers - many of them arenow well-established musicians - confirm every year again that rehearsing and music with peers and like-minded people is a huge pleasure! Not to mention the thrill of the public performance!
For Jeunesse MusikCamps there is no entrance exam. A prerequisite is that you've mastered an instrument well enough to play with others and to be able to play in public!

For more information and applications visit JM Austria website.