Presenting the JM International Board 2017/2018

Meet the elected representatives of the network

  • over 3 years ago

During the JMI Annual General Assembly 2017 in Oslo, the representatives of JM Member organisations have elected the new JM International Board.

The JMI Board consists of 7-11 individuals (in their personal capacity, i.e. not representing their countries) including the President, the 1st and 2nd Vice President, the Treasurer and Board Members – all elected by the AGA.

Their function is “to act as the General Assembly between the annual meetings” in accordance to the JMI Statutes, to give general guidelines, support and supervise the work of the Secretary-General and the JMI Head Office. 

Presenting the JM International Board 2017/2018:

  • Jessie Westenholz (France) - President
  • Clara Poulsen (Denmark) - Vice-President
  • Dubravka Dujmovic Kusan (Croatia) - Vice-President
  • Rob van Waaijen (Netherlands) - Treasurer
  • Jing Huan (China) - Board member
  • Paul Nchu Ngang (Cameroon) - Board member
  • Elisabetta Parisi (Italy) - Board member
  • Michel Schoonbroodt (Belgium) -  Board member
  • Sofie Sondervik Saether (Norway) - Board member
  • Melody Zambuko (Zimbabwe) - Board member
  • David Zsoldos (Hungary) - Board member

You can see more details on Our People page.