Jugend komponiert - Create your own music

Composer's Workshop in Weikersheim

  • over 2 years ago

Jugend komponiert is the highest national award in Germany for young composers. With the competition and the related workshops, Jeunesses Musicales Germany offers to talented young musicians between 11 and 22 the possibility of an intensive support that will eventually lead them to a professional career. Recognised composers such as Enno Poppe, Benjamin Schweizer and Charlotte Seither mention Jugend komponiert as the starting point of their musical biographies. 

The 217 submitted works this year by 102 applicants confirmed the attractiveness to young composers of the 31st edition of the national competition. The 13 winners of the federal prize and the 17 eligible for a scholarships come this year from 11 regions. In the composition workshops in Weikersheim, they all receive an individual support to their future artistic career.

In the context of the competition, Jeunesses Musicales Germany gives an important impulse to the field of pedagogy and education. In the publication "Weikersheimer Gesprächen zur Kompositionpädagogik" ("Weikersheim's talks about pedagogie of composition") 25 composers, music educators and representatives of music organisations focused on central aspects of the work of pedagogy of composition and they developed criteria for a specialised professional training.

For more information about competition, categories and prizes visit JM Germany website.