Music Against Child Labour: JMI Partners with the International Labour Organisation

JMI and the ILO want to use music as a tool for social change

  • about 1 year ago

A new SCREAM music module will help raise awareness around child labour.

In 2019 JMI will partner with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to create a SCREAM music module. 

"The SCREAM programme aims to promote awareness among young people about children’s rights, with a focus on child labour, so that they in turn can speak out and mobilise their communities to act. Ultimately, SCREAM seeks to change social attitudes to promote a culture of respect for children’s rights and to strengthen the worldwide movement against child labour." - International Labour Organisation

This initiative will mark the 2019 World Day Against Child Labour: 12 June.

(Photo: The ILO have always worked with musicians to promote their causes. Pharrell Williams, one of the most successful artists and record producers in the world, is one of the many musicians who have partnered with the ILO)