Show your support for music education in Flanders!

  • over 2 years ago

JMI proudly joins the movement initiated by one of its national members, Jeugd en Muziek, and calls for immediate support to other members of the network.

Jeugd en Muziek, one of the most important organisations in Belgium (Flanders) when it comes to music and culture education, will possibly no longer be funded by the Flemish government. If this would become reality, it will deprive 125,000 children each year from the cultural enrichment provided by Jeugd en Muziek together with its partners, musicians, educators and schools.

You can join us in supporting their cause by:

  • Saying today on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) why is Jeugd en Muziek essential (like this example);
  • Sharing your opinion or personal story with J&M on social media and adding #jeugdenmuziekmoetblijven;
  • Telling about your first music experience with Jeugd en Muziek, what does it mean to you as a teacher or a musician, volunteer or director;
  • Or you can simply change your profile picture on Facebook using this application!

Of course, any other means of support you can think of are welcomed by us. You can also reach out to them directly through or their Facebook page.

We would kindly ask you to support their cause in your networks. Let's show our strength as a network!

Best regards from the JMI Head Office in Brussels,
The JMI Team