Successful Summer Tour of the WYC 2016

The World Youth Choir had a tour around Germany, Switzerland and Belgium last summer

  • over 3 years ago

Summer was the opportunity to enjoy the World Youth Choir 2016 tour, performing around Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

A group of 40 young choral singers age 18 to 29 gathered to be part of the World Youth Choir (WYC) 2016. Coming from 29 different countries, they enjoyed a genuine educational and social experience drawing from diverse vocal traditions, aiming at the highest artistic level.

Summer session 2016 started in 13th July, when all the participants met at the great venue of the castle Weikersheim, Germany, one of JMI’s World Meeting Centres. After a week of rehearsing and knowing each other better, the WYC, under the artistic direction of world-renowned conductor Filippo Maria Bressan, started a tour of concerts that took them into an unforgettable experience.

Have a look at some videos from the amazing WYC tour 2016:

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