A spectacular first term for MCA Malawi

MCA Malawi goes on recess

  • over 2 years ago

This year’s Music Crossroads Academy Malawi first term of the 2016 Academic year has been an interactive extravaganza. Both students and teachers put up a spectacular display of music and dance over and above their daily classroom and lab routines.

The term has been a scintillating stage of the artistry of the teachers and their students. Away from the classrooms and rehearsals Labs, the teachers took their music flair to cooperate gatherings one of them was the recent UNESCO meeting, which was held in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe. At the meeting, teachers performed a number of beautiful old school songs from Malawi

Following their teachers’ knack, the students put up a picturesque performance in a road show that was organised by one International NGO – Chance for Change. With relatively short stay in the Academy, the students have proved to be flexible and dynamic young spirited musicians whose stage art cannot be overemphasised. They have subjugated the stage fright and they are ever ready to meet their audience.

It is now time for a break. The students will close the term with exams from the 29th of February – 7th March 2016. The students will return to School on the 21st of March 2016. During the holiday, students are encouraged to still come to the Academy to continue practicing in their Labs and use the Resource center to study ahead for the next quota.

For the teachers, the recess will be used to comprehensively practice as a team. The teachers’ practices are ongoing and continual until their next Teacher Training Campus, which usually comes at the end of the year.

The head of Pedagogy, Lackson Chazima, expressed satisfaction with how the quota has run. ‘It has been a very eventful, super exciting and challenging term. It was challenging in the sense that, we were running 4 classes at once; the mainstream class has 2 levels, the continuing students of 2015 and the new intake, which started on 18thJanuary. This also applied to the weekend classes. It hasn’t been easy, but has been worth it regardless and we can’t wait for the next term’.