JMI to Pilot New Classical Music Program

In March 2019, JMI will pilot enCORE classical: a lab for new ways in classical music

  • about 1 year ago

It will be aimed at exploring the young classical musician's role in the contemporary classical music world, and society more widely.

In April 2018, JMI brought together young classical musicians from across the world to consult them on their ideas and experiences as young classical musicians in the 21st century. The three-day consultation allowed these musicians, from six different countries, to share their viewpoints on the contemporary classical music world.

Among a diverse range of ideas, certain key themes emerged, including an interest in redesigning classical concert experiences to incorporate ideas from outside the classical mainstream, going beyond traditional classical music education to develop as musical entrepreneurs, and the need for classical music to engage with social issues.

Now JMI wants to provide a platform for these ideas to be explored in greater depth. This March, in collaboration with JM Germany, JM International will organise a conference for young classical musicians which will combine musical workshops with panel discussions and expert speakers. The conference will run for three days and will focus on three main topics: 

  • concert design and innovation, 
  • musicians' self- and project management, 
  • and combining classical music with social issues.

This pilot version of the project will consist of participants selected by the JMI network and the JMI Classical Committee. It is JMI's intention that this will lead to the creation of a program which will help young classical musicians all around the world grow and develop their skills, ideas and careers.