The Real Book Belgium

JM Wallonie - Bruxelles celebrates the country's jazz heritage

  • over 2 years ago


The Real Book, named with a humorous reference after the "Fake Books" of the 1940s and 1950s, is a music book that collects many jazz standards.

The compositions in this first edition of the Real Book Belgium are written by Belgian jazz composers but also by contemporary music composers, several of which are open to both genres.

In this sense, the Real Book Belgium is primarily for students of music schools and conservatories, but also for self-taught musicians, whether amateur or professional, both in Belgium and abroad.

The Real Book Belgium pursues two main objectives: first, it is intended as a tool of expression for young (and less young) musicians, amateurs and professionals. It also contributes to the preservation and diffusion of the musical heritage of the country, both in Belgium and abroad, through the network of Jeunesses Musicales International.

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