Unleash 2016: a mind-opening conference!

  • over 3 years ago

From 8-10 of July, at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid, hundreds of young people from more than 80 nationalities gathered for the second edition of the Unleash conference. JMI was present and has all the juicy details for you!

The program contained of a series of inspiring talks provided by some of the brightest under-25 world-recognised individuals:

In between the talks, we were presented with fantastic artistic performances, also by young talented artists under 25:

On the afternoon of 9th of July, the most expected moment for all young music lovers: the performance of Assa Matusse, the winner of the "Voice of Pangea" contest, organised in cooperation with JMI.

Assa, a Music Crossroads alumni currently studying in Norway under the MOVE! programme, exceeded all our expectations with this amazing performance:

On the last day of the event, all the participants could directly ask questions to all the speakers that delivered inspiring talks at a panel discussion. 

The topics brought up by the young participants present - such as self taught skills vs formal educations, social entrepreneurship, our impact in underdeveloped regions of the globe, gender equality and much more - showed that age is a number that doesn't matter when it comes to having a change-making attitude.

By attending Unleash, the mindset of the hundreds of young people present shifted from seeing global challenges as problems to immense personal opportunities. The participants also experienced an expansion on their connections network through relaxed moments socialising at THE FESTIVAL! which was organised during the lunch breaks.

Ultimately, this conference fostered a passionate and determined decision-making attitude for young people to reach their largest goals in life and awaken their inner potential upon the world! 

JMI wants to thank Pangea, all the partners, performers, speakers, musicians and young people attending the conference for making this event such an unforgettable experience. See you next year!