Our Story

Once upon a time

JM International (originally Jeunesses Musicales International) was founded on July 17th 1945, by Marcel Cuvelier (Belgium) and René Nicoly (France) in the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium.

Not only classical music

JMI initially focused on presenting "good music" (classical music) to young audiences through concerts in the main concert halls and later through school concerts. The focus changed over time to also encompass young musicians through music camps, competitions and youth orchestras. In the late 60's, JMI also opened up to other styles of music such as contemporary classical music, ethnic and traditional music, jazz and pop/rock.

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Pioneers in promoting youth music

JMI was the pioneer organisation and paramount structure in the establishment of youth music activities in its member countries. Since the beginning it received financial and political support from governments, influential personalities and head of states. Most of the organised activities related to youth and music that we see today originate from JM: youth orchestras and choirs, school concerts, the promotion of young musicians.

Celebrate with us our 75th birthday

Originating as a peace movement, it quickly adopted a strategy that aimed at the overall development of the young generations through music, exploring the socio-cultural impact of music. This mission is represented by the several, long-lasting programs that JMI brings to young musicians. 

And those of our programs!

Among them, in 2015 we celebrate 25 years passed from the foundation of Ethno, and 20 from the foundation of Music Crossroads, which testify the participation and the success of the activities of our organisation.