World Meeting Centres


JMI proudly recognises two international arts centres as World Meeting Centres of JMI - The International Cultural Centre of Jeunesses Musicales Croatia in Groznjan (Croatia) and the Musikakademie Schloss Weikersheim (Germany).

  • Music laboratories for development and excellence: These cultural centres, established by JM Croatia and JM Germany, are open to young people from all over the world. They provide a special musical environment for development, education, and exchange of ideas; and offer various musical and artistic workshops and seminars with well-known lecturers & professors.

  • Home away from home for the JMI Network: the inspiring landscapes of Groznjan (a medieval town on Istrian peninsula in Croatia 10 km from the seaside) and Weikersheim (a 16th century castle overlooking the Tauber Valley and surrounded by baroque gardens) acting as dynamic working environments for JMI network meetings.

International Cultural Centre Grožnjan

Located in the idyllic village of Grožnjan the International Cultural Centre of JM Croatia in Grožnjan is open to young people from all over the world and provides a unique environment for musical development and education. It is a space to share ideas, to meet new friends and to explore the world of music. 

Schloss Und Park Weikersheim

Musikakademie Schloss Weikersheim

Musikakademie Schloss Weikersheim is one of the greatest music academies in Germany. It is operated by JM Germany. With the castle, the beautiful park and the Music Academy is a magical place for music, inspiring rehearsals and meetings.

International meetings and courses are held regularly in the academy. Projects like the World Youth Choir and the JM Jazz World orchestra regularly meet for rehearsals bringing together musicians from all around the world.