Music Against Child Labour

The Music Against Child Labour initiative calls on musicians to dedicate concerts and songs to the fight against child labour. By doing so we raise awareness around one of the most important issues of our time and move one step closer to eliminating child labour once and for all.

The 2021 MACL Competition

We call on the world of music to take a stand against child labour!

In 2021, professional and amateur musicians are invited to submit a song on the theme of child labour. Participating in the competition is an opportunity to raise awareness about child labour and the importance of music and creativity in the lives of children. Contributions from different genres are equally valued - soul or song, highlife or hip-hop, folk, jazz, rock or tango, classical music of every tradition and every type of music besides!

The Music Against Child Labour Competition is being run by JMI in collaboration with the International Labour Organization, under the umbrella of the Music Initiative, as a contribution to the UN International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour 2021.

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Read more about this initiative, listen to the songs dedicated by upcoming artists and find out how to get involved and how to apply for the 2021 Competition!

Partners and Sponsors

The global initiative is a collaboration between the International Labour Organisation, Jeunesses Musicales International, the International Federation of Musicians, and a host of international music personalities.

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