About JMI

Making a difference through music

JM International (JMI) is a global network of NGOs that provide opportunities for young people and children to develop through music across all boundaries. Open to all styles of music, we work for and with youth, harnessing the power of music to bridge social, geographical and cultural divides, creating an international platform for intercultural dialogue and acceptance. With a vast array of activities, JMI has established four priority activity fields: Young Musicians, Young Audiences, Youth Empowerment and Youth Orchestras and Ensembles.


A global network

With 73 member organisations in 61 countries, JMI is a global network providing opportunities for young people to engage with music. The JMI network reaches over 7 million young people aged 13-30 per year through more than 40,000 activities, embracing all styles of music and coordinating cross-border exchange opportunities on the international level.

Breaking down barriers

JMI was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1945 by a group of compassionate musicians and organisers who saw music as a means of bringing young people together to overcome the divides created by the two World Wars. Today JMI is present in over 100 countries worldwide and continues to enable young people to develop through music across all boundaries. JMI places empowerment, with its emphasis on social inclusion and cohesion, at its core. For 75 years, JMI has been 'Making a Difference through Music', using the power of music to bridge across social, geographical, racial and economic divides and creating a platform for intercultural dialogue.

promoting music excellence

JM International, commonly known as JMI, provides high quality music activities and opportunities to professional and semi-professional young musicians between the ages of 13 and 30. In addition, the organisation establishes platforms where those not traditionally versed in music can engage with it for personal, professional and/or for community development. Operating for 75 years, JMI has experience in coordinating youth music cross border exchanges and one of our orchestras continues to travel the world as a symbol of excellence in music, solidarity and cooperation among the nations of the world.

Reaching every artist and audience through music programs

We specialise in helping young people to realise their potential through tailor made music programs, productions and competitions that embrace a global sound through a plethora of JMI disciplines. With the support and engagement of our network, we offer music opportunities that make a difference in the lives of young people and consequently their communities and we do this in 100+ countries, in 80+ languages across the world

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JMI programs & projects provide musical opportunities for young people to cross borders and interact around the globe. Each project has a unique focus on diversity and empowerment, creating cultural understanding and acceptance through music. Select a program and begin to discover the world of JMI.