Euro-Arab Youth Music Centre

A bridge between cultures

The EAYMC is a platform for youth & music cooperation between European and Arab nations, providing both physical and virtual spaces to enable youth participation and collaboration by creating educational and social music programs.

Where different cultures meet

The center, based in Limassol, Cyprus, was founded as a partnership between JMI, the Cultural Movement EPILOGI of Limassol and the Arab Academy of Music (League of Arab States); its geographical position between three continents makes it an ideal contact point that could provide the necessary space for developing and supporting large-scale international projects, based on the interaction among different cultures in the area of the Mediterranean.

Mutual understanding through youth mobility

The center has brought together over 500 musicians and cultural practitioners from over 25 countries and it aims to stimulate dialogue and mutual understanding among the youth of the European and Arab countries by developing networks in order to outreach and enhance cooperation between youth and music organizations.

Building a culture of respect and solidarity

The Centre's core values fall into three categories: personal development and social inclusion of the youth; access to music and diversity of genres; intercultural dialogue and its goal is to enable an increased number of young people from European and Arab countries to participate in and create educational and social music programs. Every project the centre undertakes is rooted in building cooperation, solidarity, respect and understanding among youth and it aims to the highest artistic standard.



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