Fair Play

Youth voices against corruption

The impact of corruption on our communities cannot be accurately conveyed in numbers or reports. To understand how it affects the lives of people, we must listen to their voices.

Bring up corruption through music

Fair Play: Anti Corruption Youth Voices is a global competition for original songs by young musicians under the age of 35 on the theme of anti-corruption and good governance. The competition is an initiative of the Global Anti-Corruption Youth Network, a worldwide network of civil society organizations with the specific agenda of fighting corruption, in partnership with the JMI Foundation and the World Bank Institute.


Speak up against corruption. Be loud!

The competition is a call for young musicians to join the global anti-corruption youth movement, and ensure that the global community hears their messages.

Connecting young who care about music and society

Fair Play is an awareness-raising program and network building effort to connect socially conscious artists and citizens worldwide, organized in partnership by JMIF, GYAC and the World Bank Institute.

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