Andanças Festival 2016

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15:00 01 August 2016 - 23:30 07 August 2016

The 2016 edition of Ethno Portugal will be hosted by the Andanças Festival, organised by our Portuguese associate member PédeXumbo

PédeXumbo is an association working since 1988 to promote music and traditional dance, not only from Portugal but also of other origins. It also organises festivals and regular events all over Portugal and Andanças is one of them.

Andanças is a festival for the promotion of popular music and dance as the primary means of learning and exchange between generations, knowledge and cultures. Always up-to-date, Andanças aims to revive the social habits of “living” the music and to resume the practice of popular dance events. Andanças implements this focusing on traditional dances, from Portugal and from all over the world, always considering the recovery of musical and choreographic traditions, but also mixing them with contemporary elements.

At Andanças it is possible to learn more than fifty different types of dances: A result from the synergy between people around the world, who are eager to share their knowledge. From Portuguese, African and American dances to the various European dances: From Hungarians, gypsies, Baltics, Belgians, Italians, Basques, Catalans, from Poitou, the Balkan, Galicia, the Mediterranean region, etc. Besides encouraging the curiosity for diversity, Andanças is trying to remind, that the popular music is (also) a synonym of identity and often a symbol of survival.

Every year since 1996, Andanças unites people from all over the world in a spirit of sharing, meeting and sustainability, as an alternative to other summer festivals. It provides room for dancing, making music, and to experiment, but also for sharing and exchanging ideas for a better world.

Take a look of what you can do at Andanças! Watch the video and read the full program on the website!