Weikersheim: the place to be!

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28 June 2016 - 07:20 05 July 2016

From 28 of June to 5 of July, young jazz talents will form the JM Jazz World Orchestra. This outstanding jazz orchestra will be in Weikersheim for this year's edition which will start with a concert in Weikersheim and proceeds with a summer tour through Germany and Belgium.

Just after the young jazz musicians leave, the members of World Youth Choir will arrive in Weikersheim. The choir also has decided to hold its rehearsal period in the picturesque village with the inspiring surrounding of the castle and a lovely landscape, with the little cafés where you can enjoy an ice-cream in the sun. The 40 talented young singers from all over the world will study an exciting program from 13 to 24 July. And following their rehearsal period the choir will start its Europe summer tour with a concert in Weikersheim as well. Awesome!

Third in this fantastic row: from 24 to 28 of July the "mu:v-Camp“ in Weikersheim is the place to be! The mu:v-Camp, organised by young members of JM Germany is a funky mixture of musical styles and ensembles: 100 enthusiastic young musicians can take part in different workshops and courses: Soundtrack, Lindy Hop, Loopstation, theory of music, harmonica, Samba Percussion, Cajon, Jazz and even more. Also, for the first time, two young colleagues of JM Denmark will be part of the Camp-Team as well. As peer to peer teachers, they pass on their practical experience in the field of event management.

Whether jazz musicians or singers, whether beginners or ambitious talents at the highest artistic level: what counts is that JM brings together young musicians of different cultures and traditions. Living, laughing, travelling and performing together, they experience a kind of understanding across all boundaries. This is more than an adventure only for one summer. It's a great experience in their lives.

Sounds great? Want to visit a concert or be part of it? You can find the tour dates of JM Jazz World and World Youth Choir online at and For the mu:v-Camp, young musicians from 16 to 25 may still have the chance to take part (please contact: