Play it Loud! Study Visit - Sweden

  • 8 months ago
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Join the second Study Visit and multiplier event of the "Play it Loud!" project. A weekend dedicated to discover the Play it Loud handbook and pedagogy as well as Songlines specific methodologies in working with diversity and intersectionality through music.

04 November 2022 - 09:02 06 November 2022


Deadline for registration
30 Sep 2022 12:00

04.11 - Arrivals (before 17:00) + Welcome evening
05.11 - Workshops (all day!)
06.11 - Morning activities + departures (after 14:00)

For who?
Preferably people who are interested in music, intersectionality and diversity.

Age limit:

What do you get from this weekend?
- Learn about the "Play it Loud!" project and handbook
- Get to know and establish contacts with different musicians (who are new or experienced artists in the industry) with inspirational stories. Listen to and discuss with them.
- Promote your music and work.
- Learn about outreach and the "Songlines method".
- Meet people from different parts of the world and with diverse backgrounds.
- Through music, learn how to include and interact with people with different backgrounds, cultures and languages.
- Learn how to make use of everyone's knowledge and experience.
- Learn new words in different languages.
= 3 days with lots of fun!