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Summer With Art - Léto S Uměním

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01 July 2019 - 03:44 23 August 2019

Summer Atelier 1.-10.7. Třeboň, Czech Republic

Spend an unforgettable beginning of summer at the Třeboň Chateau. The programme of the multi-genre atelier for young art enthusiasts between 15 and 21 is composed of encounters with exceptional figures of Czech culture and workshops on music, theatre, film, dance, photography, literature and visual arts. The guests taking part in this year’s topic “Silence in Art” will be among others author Daniela Fischerová, translator and shakespearologist Martin Hilský, dancer and choreographer Michal Štípa, musicologist Jan Králík, percussionist and artist Miloš Vacík, movie director Olga Sommerová and actor and film director Jan Kačer.

Summer Camp 14.-23.8. Poděbrady, Czech Republic

Experience the joy of music in a friendly environment of young musicians and dancers. The music camp for students between 12 and 20 offers piano, drums, chamber strings and woodwinds, opera and musical singing, ballet, tap dance and jazz musical dance lessons. The main occupation is a choir and chamber orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales. The courses of the summer camp in Poděbrady are led by professional lectors of music and dance.