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09:30 08 June 2016 - 13:30 10 June 2016

Unleash is a three-day event focused on awakening young people's potential.

PANGEA is a global platform that seeks to awaken, empower and connect the huge and diverse potential of today’s youth generation; it just recently started a cooperation with Jeunesses Musicales International, becoming a new partner of our network. 

The program consists of a series of talks provided by some of the brightest under-25 world-recognized individuals, a redefined networking environment, and unbelievable youth live performances. This unconventional show takes place at Madrid, Spain, during the dates 8-10th of June.

Attending Unleash, your mindset will shift from seeing global challenges as problems to immense personal opportunities, your connections network will become larger and richer than ever before, and ultimately, foster a passionate and determined decision-making attitude to reach your largest goals in life. All together, this is your optimal opportunity to awaken your inner potential upon the world.

Applications process open until April 1, 2016!