African Footprint Foundation

Founded: 2016 | Member: 2021

African footprint international is a non–governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization, which tries to reach disadvantaged and physically challenged people to acknowledge them with advantaged and able-bodied people. African footprint international uses drumming and dancing as a means to do away with social barriers, and as a way for people to meet and co-operate despite differences in social situation and heritage. African drumming and dancing, performed by both deaf and hearing people, is crucial to the work of African footprint, which perceives these practices as:

  • A means to remove barriers between socially marginalized groups
  • A way to make the physically challenged realize that disability is not inability 
  • A way to acknowledge the many unearthed talented drummers and dancers of our generation
  • A means to create happiness, hope, faith and meaning in the otherwise hard and poor lives of the disadvantaged
  • A way to draw attention to the ideas and reasons behind the group.

African Footprint Foundation

Addison Square Garden - GHW5, Greenhill Junction, Cape Coast - Ghana

T: +233 266269171 - +233 244879741