Associação Umbigada

Founded: 2005 | Member: 2019

The Umbigada Sociocultural Association was founded with the aim if uniting existing works and research in the area of music, arts and popular cultures and independent music, which until then happened in isolation. All members of Umbigada have long résumés of works developed in the area of research, production and communication in favor of the development of Brazilian Popular Music, Arts and Cultures.

We are a team of professionals in the areas of musical and cultural production, music and education, ethnomusicology, cinema, art-education, anthropology, communication among others and we want to interact among the diverse artistic, aesthetic and ethnic languages that compose contemporary Brazil, creating bridges between traditions and contemporaneity, rural and urban, professional and amateur, oral and written, memory and utopia and among indigenous, black and white folks that are part of the history of Brazil.

Associação Umbigada

Largo da Glória, 20
Salvador - Saúde