Babel Camp Ltd.

Founded: 2015 | Member: 2021

The mission of Babel Camp Ltd. and Babel Arts Management, on the whole, is to present and represent the values of cultural diversity through arts. Babel supports artists from different countries and cultures in many ways: 

  • supporting the education of culture and arts to all generations;
  • supporting the interactive meeting of various cultures and various branches of art;
  • supporting artists with real opportunities to get in touch with each other; 
  • supporting artists to build bridges, by building a network of professional and cultural relationships;
  • encouraging creative co-operation and personal encounter; 
  • supporting artists to be true representatives of their countries and nationalities; 
  • creating lasting works of art by providing both organisational, technical and financial support for selected artists. 

The main for-profit activity of Babel Camp Ltd. was accommodation services (renting out accommodation facilities at the Babel Camp) until July 2020. Since then, our main activity is cultural education and event organisation, as well as digital printing. Some of the company's profit goes into our non-profit activity, which is the organisation of Babel events (concerts, festivals, workshops, exhibitions, other cultural events). Babel Camp Ltd. is partially owned by 2 other companies, namely: Media Event Ltd. and Wellington Ltd., whose main activities are: 

  • cultural event organisation and production;
  • music management (non-profit);
  • media marketing, technical equipment rental (for-profit);
  • accommodation and catering at the Babel Camp (for-profit).

Babel Camp Ltd. and Media Event Ltd. organise and implement their non-profit activities under the collective names of Babel / Babel Arts Management (non-formal entities).

Babel Camp Ltd.

Petőfi Sándor utca 48. - H-2724 Újlengyel - HUNGARY

T: +36 203719181