Founded: 1986 | Member: 2008

De ungas musikförbund I Svenskfinland (DUNK), is responsible for organizing cultural activities for the Swedish-speaking minority of Finland.

The main event on the DUNK calendar is Skolmusik, a school music festival for audiences aged 9-18 years. The festival takes place every third year and has about 4.000 participants. In May 2009 DUNK also arranges the Nordic Youth and Children's Choir Festival, Norbusang, in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari.

DUNK also organizes music camps, concerts and other music events. They produce material for music education in the Swedish speaking comprehensive schools of Finland.


De Ungas Musikförbund i Svenskfinland

Hovrättsesplanaden 15 C 35
65100 Vasa

T: +358-40-715 46 97
E: dunk@fssmf.fi
W: www.dunk.fi