Arts Connection Oceania

Member: 2018

Arts Connection Oceania aims to inspire intercultural dialogue and connection using the Arts as a medium. The trust works to create safe spaces for individuals and communities to come together, share and learn from one another. There is also a focus on amplifying the artistic talents of those who may not have the usual platforms or means to do so in the Oceania region. We are based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Here's what you'll find under our umbrella:

🎵 Ethno New Zealand (The cornerstone programme of Arts Connections Oceania is Ethno New Zealand, from which our kaupapa i.e. set of values draw their grounding )

🌍 Transglobal Music Sessions 

💡 Global Exchanges 

📚 Professional Development Programs

🤝 A Community of Practice & Concerts

Ethno Oceania