GRIN Festival

Founded: 2017 | Member: 2020

GRIN is a festival of World Music in Roveredo, Switzerland.

It was born from the idea that Roveredo can musically meet the World. The Festival takes place in the Gardelina area in Roveredo. The idea behind this Festival of Music and Culture is the firm belief that knowledge passes through real-life encounters, that's what the Grin festival promotes.

Grin in Roveredo dialect means Cricket, and the Festival invites people to stop for a day to listen to the singing of others; the choice of a dialectal term as the name of the festival is necessary to affirm how the encounter between different cultures must start from the knowledge of one's own. On a musical level, the Festival integrate other communities in the area: the Balkan Community, the Portuguese community and the Indian community.

From Summer 2021, the GRIN Festival will also host the first Ethno Switzerland.

Grin Festival

Strada di Magistri 1, 6535 Roveredo (GR), Switzerland

T: +41792590929