JM Austria

Founded: 1949 | Member: 1949 | Local sections: 23

Based in Vienna, Jeunesses Musicales Austria (better known simply as "Jeunesse") is the largest classical music concert organizer in the country. It has been active in Austria's provinces since 1953 and has a present network of 23 regional offices. 

JM Austria offers young audiences music of all styles by first-class artists at reasonable prices, provides young artists and authors performing opportunities, and plays an important role in music education with a series of events designed especially for children. 

Besides over 650 annual concerts ranging from children's events to chamber music, from crossover and jazz to orchestra concerts, JM Austria also organizes various events for children and youth including music camps and festivals.
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As the challenge to reach young people with classical music is constantly increasing JM Austria puts a lot of effort in creating new concert settings, finding new locations and inventing unconventional concerts together with the artists.

On a national level, JM Austria offers school concerts, public concerts and workshops for different age groups: Triolino (up from the age of 3), Piccolo (from 6), Concertino (from 9) and music4u (from 12).

JM Austria

Jeunesse Musicales Austria

Johannesgasse 16/3,
1010 Wien

T: +43-1-710 36 16
F: 43-1-710 36 16-17