JM Belgium - Brussels

Founded: 1940 | Member: 1945 | Local sections: 1

Jeugd en Muziek Brussel provides high quality and sustainable music education for all children and young people in Brussels. Both inside and outside the school hours, tailored to super-diverse Brussels.

In the past, JM Belgium consisted of two organizational entities, reflecting the two linguistic communities of Belgium: Jeugd en Muziek Vlaanderen in the Flemish-speaking communities, and Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles, responsible for the French-speaking communities. In 2017, due to a subsidy stop within the Arts Decree, JM Flanders was discontinued and replaced by JM Brussels.

JM Brussels

Jeugd en Muziek Brussel

Nieuwland 198
1000 Brussels

T: +32-2-533 39 10