JM Belgium - Wallonie Bruxelles

Founded: 1940 | Member: 1945 | Local sections; 8

JM Belgium consists of two separate organizational entities, reflecting the two linguistic communities of Belgium: JM Flanders in the Flemish speaking communities, and Féderation des Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles, responsible for the French speaking communities.

FJMWB is active within the framework of a federation, which brings together eight regional centers, all coordinated by the Brussels based Secretariat of the Federation.

The regional centres develop common activities aimed at both schools and the general public: 20,000 musical awakening performances/workshops (0-12 yrs), more than 1,500 narrated concerts in schools (3-18 yrs), numerous public concerts, music workshops, and capacity building trainings for current and future music educators. With the objective of 'awakening the interest of all youth to all musical styles', the annual programming of JM concerts and tours incorporates many genres: classical, folk, world music, French chanson, jazz, pop-rock, hip-hop, electro, and concerts for children. Over forty professional musicians and groups are selected each year, from Belgium and abroad, to illustrate this musical mosaïque.

Alongside these ongoing activities, each centre organizes special events such as 'l'orchestre à la portée des enfants', the 'Gaume Jazz Festival', the 'Kaleidoscope de la guitare', and other events.

Finally, FJMWB is committed to the promotion of young musicians, through concert tours and participation in international projects such as the World Orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales.

JM Belgium - Wallonie Bruxelles

Féderation Jeunesses Musicales Wallonie-Bruxelles

Rue Defacqz 1
1000 Bruxelles

T: +32 2 207 13 00