JM Cameroon

Founded: 2010 | Member: 2012

Concentrating on music, painting, sculpture, calligraphy and hand-made furniture as tools for youth empowerment, this Cameroon based charity works with young people to develop creativity and encourage talent especially within communities who have limited access to education, enabling these youth with a valuable, transferable skill-set. 

The Cultural Regeneration also acts as a mentor to particularly gifted pupils – whether in arts or music and organise free public exhibitions or stage concerts promoting these local youngsters to their general public. 

Taking part in Fair Play Anti Corruption Youth Voices in March 2010, a project organised by The Global Youth Anti-Corruption Forum, JMI and the World Bank Institute, to fight corruption in their countries, CR Cameroon was responsible for the mentoring and training of the young band One Heart who produced a track for this project specially.

JM Cameroon


PO Box 558
Limbe Fako Division

T: +237 760 36185