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Founded: 1949 | Member: 1950 | Local sections: 20

Since 1949, Jeunesses Musicales Canada has fulfilled a double mission: to bring fine music to audiences of all ages, especially 3 to 12-year-olds, and to foster the careers of outstanding young professional instrumentalists, singers and composers in Canada and abroad.

Thanks to the support of its partners and the work of hundreds of volunteers, JM Canada has become Canada's largest classical music performance network. Today, each JM Canada season includes some 1 200 activities given by almost 80 artists in over 200 performance venues in Québec, the Maritimes and Ontario, reaching an estimated audience of 130,000 people. Since the spring of 2000, JM Canada has operated its own performance venue in Montréal - the Joseph-Rouleau Hall (a 100-seat chamber music hall) at Jeunesses Musicales Canada House, increasing the scope of its activities in Québec's largest city.

In order to achieve these objectives, Jeunesses Musicales Canada presents Emerging Artists Concerts series, evening concerts for the general public presented in outlying areas and metropolitan centres; Youth concerts on tour, animated and theatrical concerts presented in schools and concert halls for children and students aged 3 to 12; Family concerts, including PDA Junior in Montreal, Music with Bite at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, Kinderconcerts at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, and Music Week, everywhere on the Island of Montreal during Spring break.
More than 200 activities and concert series are presented at Jeunesses Musicales Canada House, including the Musical Escapades Series for children aged 3 to 12, the Happy Hour Concerts series for the general public, and the Cushion Concerts series for families.

A substructure of JM Canada, the Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation (JMCF) has given the movement invaluable support and assistance. Activities of JMCF include awarding annual scholarships and prizes (Peter Mendell Prize, Symcox-Choquette Prize) to emerging Canadian artists as well as two annual fundraising events (Coup de coeur event, golf tournament) to help support Jeunesses Musicales Canada’s activities. Finally, JMCF created a string instruments bank. This project fulfills the Foundation’s mission to support the career development of the best young musicians from Québec in their ongoing advanced studies by offering them the opportunity to use instruments and bows of very high quality. The bank is comprised of two violins, a cello and their respective bows, all manufactured by locally renowned luthiers and bow makers, broadening their reach.

JM Canada

Jeunesses Musicales du Canada

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