JM China

Founded: 2003 | Member: 2003

Jeunesses Musicales China, affiliated with the Chinese Musicians' Association, is a professional, non profit social organization composed of young musicians from music groups, colleges and schools of music and arts in China.

The founding of the Association was made possible thanks support from various sectors of society and relevant govermental departments. JM China is the major national organization of young musicians in mainland China.
Being a membership organization of young musicians', the Association unites the majority of youth music workers and organizes various music activities on a large scale among young musicians with the aim of improving them with the best possible service and opportunities.
Members of the Association are young Chinese musicians under 30, engaged in music composition, music theoretical research, music performance (including music playing, singing and conducting) and music management.

The Association's main tasks are to:

  • communicate with and coordinate its members, providing them with services;
  • organize and hold various music activities such as live performances, compositions and theoretical research;
  • promote and enhance exchange between young Chinese musicians (in particular in foreign young musicians' organizations);
  • safeguard the rights and benefits of its members.

On a national level, JM China offers, public concerts, workshops and conferences for young audiences. They also develop projects with international scope.

JM China

Chinese Musician Association

Room B1522, Building 32, No. 1 Beishatan
Beijing 100083

T: + 86 10 597 59 645
F: + 86 10 597 59 646