JM Czech Republic

Member: 1993 | Local sections: 352

JM Czech Republic, a JMI member since 1993 is a powerful team made up of over 7,000 young members and volunteers, organized into 352 youth clubs across the country. The youth clubs meet weekly, performing live music, attending concerts and other cultural events, and organizing cultural activities for the public. 

The network is continually growing, with new members reached through local and personal contacts and thanks to visibility gained through club events both locally and nationally.

JM Czech Republic provides young people with similar interests many opportunities to meet - during festivals, workshops, concerts and different performances.

JM Czech Republic

Hudební Mládez CR

Kolbenova 804/30
190 00 Praha 9
Czech Republic

T: +420-777-010 250
F: +420-283-892 951