JM Denmark

Founded: 1955 | Member: 1958

JM Denmark aims to spread understanding and knowledge of music amongst young people by strengthening cooperation between those who have an interest in music. 

JM Denmark encourages young people to take an active role in the democratic development of society through music: coordinating activities with similar societies and organizations; cultivating local, regional and international interest in music; and cultivating the joy of both playing and listening to music.

JM Denmark serves and assists all music school and conservatory students, members of youth orchestras across the country, whilst coordinating school concerts to nurture young audiences.

An interesting project of JM Denmark is the "German Skandinavian Music Week", where talented young musicians meet at the Jugendhof Scheersberg International Education Centre near the Danish-German border. Musicians from various countries work on an ambitious programme that is then performed at two public concerts.
An important aspect of the Music Week is its international spirit. The main emphasis is on Scandinavians and Germans meeting and working together. In the past many participants have also come from other countries such as Austria, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, USA and more.

JM Denmark

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