JM France

Founded: 1944 | Member: 1945 | Local sections: 20

JM France is the largest cultural organization in the country to serve young audiences, organizing activities for over 480,000 listeners per year in 400 venues across the country and exposing new ears to various styles of music, from baroque to electro.

JM France organizes 1,800 concerts for young audiences each year, working closely with 12.000 school teachers and developing pedagogical materials. In 2006, JM France published a compilation CD for teachers to enhance and stimulate the ways in which they teach music.

Thanks to sponsorship from Crédit Mutuel, a 2007 edition is in the making which will be accompanied by music related posters for classrooms and classroom discussion topics for young concert goers.

Annually, JM France produces a catalogue for schools describing a variety of contemporary, world music and classical ensembles ‘on offer', providing background information on the artists; the target age group of the show; technical, lighting and instruments equipment which local organizers would be responsible for arranging etc.

Selected world music artists/productions for 2007 include Abaji, Eko du oud, Las hermanas Caronni, Histoires de Quercy, Julien Jacob, Kaïdara, Ian McCamy & Angus Aird, Noces-Bayna and more!

JM France

Jeunesses Musicales de France

20 rue Geoffrey l'Asnier
75004 Paris

T: 01 44 61 86 86