JM Germany

Founded: 1951 | Member: 1951 | Local sections: 13

Since the beginning, JM Germany took on the role of one of the most recognized music associations in Germany. JM Germany has always aimed to enhance the skills of young musicians, promote contemporary music, bring young people together on the winds of music and have an innovative impact on music life in Germany.

JM Germany is the association of German Youth Orchestras, supplying a scale of services and activities to members. JM Germany is one of the initial promoters of the nationwide youth music competitions ‘Jugend musiziert'. JM Germany carries out a national competition for young composers and awards the German Youth Orchestra Prize. JM Germany also organizes music courses and music camps, many of them on an international scale. JM Germany runs the ‘Musikakademie Schloss Weikerscheim' (a World Meeting Center of JMI) which hosts approximately 8,000 young musicians per year.

After pushing audience development with a nationwide campaign from 2000-2002, JM Germany published a reference book for the newly arising field. In 2007, JM Germany succeeded in founding the ‘netzwerk junge ohren' (young ears network) in cooperation with other music organization in German-speaking Europe. It provides a central office and archives and awards the nation-wide "junge ohren preis" to professional concerts for the youth.

The World Meeting Center of JMI aims to develop central services and events for youth orchestras and their associations. In 2007, JM Germany hosted a tour of the national youth orchestra of Venezuela in Germany, and in 2008 the Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra of JM Israel will be featured. JM Germany plans to host an International Youth Orchestra Forum in 2008, at the World Meeting Center of JMI.

JM Germany

Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland

Musikakademie Schloss Weikersheim, Marktplatz 12
D-97990, Weikersheim

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