JM Italy

Founded: 1952 | Membre: 1965 | Local sections: 22

JM Italy started promoting music and young professional musicians in 1952 in Milan, where it was founded as an association. Since then, JM Italy has organized more than 24.157 concerts in over 200 towns and has supported hundreds of young musicians. Other activities include music camps, listening clubs and seminars, as well as professional training for the teachers and a lot of musical activity organized by 22 local JM Italy sections all around Italy. Since 2005, JM Italy is a foundation.

In addition to over 250 annual concerts, organized in ancient palaces, historical villas, theatres and music halls, and classical music festival such as the "Mozart Woche", the "Schubertiade" and the "Festival pianistico Modena", JM Italy also organizes shows for schools and fun projects to initiates young people between 6-14 to classical music. Families Concerts on Sunday afternoons introduce children and their parents to classical performances.

During the summer JM Italy organizes a number of successful activities around the peninsula, including the "Grottammare Liszt Festival", the "Lago Maggiore Musica Festival", and the "Mare e Musica" in Fermo.

For the forth year, JM Italy is organizing "Musica in Luce", a competition for young musicians aged 10 to 18 years with a big passion and enthusiasm for classical music. The competition is open to any young person who is not already studying at Conservatoires and Music Schools. The winners will participate in the final concert at Teatro Dal Verme in the centre of Milan, and will receive a DVD of their live performance and other prizes. "Musica in Luce" is a great and interesting opportunity for teenagers to meet, armed with creativity, on the stage.

JM Italy

Gioventú Musicale d'Italia

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