JM Macedonia

Founded: 1962 | Member: 1962

JM Macedonia is a national NGO that works for and with young people, developing their creativity their initial careers in the field of music and arts. JM Macedonia strives to encourage and match the need for direct communication between young people and audiences in general with music and other cultural values.

Created on an artistic and pedagogical basis, JM Macedonia promotes the integration of young people regardless of their political, religious, national or language differences, building generations of young people who will have cosmopolitan, humanistic approaches in their own individual and global development.

Created almost 45 years ago, JM Macedonia is achieving their original goals, organizing more than 5,000 workshops and concerts, gathering more than a thousand solo artists and more than 5,000 participants and program animators in its various ensembles, followed by a combined audience of close to a million, mostly young, people.

Some of the key activities of JM Macedonia include the Summer Music Camp in Ohrid with a session of the JM Chamber orchestra and various instrumental master classes as well as training courses and CD production.

JM Macedonia has through their work, dedication and love for music, achieved the title of the largest cultural movement in Republic of Macedonia.

JM Macedonia

Hristo Smirnenski 42 / 2
1000 Skopje

T: +389-2-311 78 82
F: +389-2-311 78 82