JM Mozambique

Since 1996 Mozambique, together with Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia, is part of the JMI project Music Crossroads, that grew so much to become a non-profit organization itself.

This association aims to empower talented young up-coming musicians, expressing the local abundance of cultures and musical traditions. MC Mozambique supports young musicians towards a professional career through musical festivals, music and social skills workshops, music education and training. 

Mozambique is a member of Music Crossroads International, which aims to contribute to the development of the music sector and education in Southern Africa, and is taking part in JMI's projects like MOVE.

JM Mozambique

Music Crossroads Mozambique

Avenida Emilia Dausse 1326

T: +258 825 483 007 / +258 846 982 449